The Doctor Is In: Weekend Warriors

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The sun is out and so are we, working to clean up the yard, plant, and get in that long awaited exercise outdoors. But are we doing too much, too soon? You know you're a weekend warrior if you try to cram in a number of athletics or activities in a short period of time. Doing too much, too quickly, could result in injury.

Wednesday, health experts from Beaumont Hospital explain the importance of proper stretching and the best care for injuries, sprains and strains if they do occur.

On Wednesday, join Deena Centofanti and experts from Beaumont Hospital live in studio and in the chat room to answer your questions about care and treatment for injuries, sprains and strains. Our doctors will also discuss joint issues, and how to live with less pain and more mobility.

Marc Milia, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, Beaumont Health

Jeff Kline, Director of Sports Medicine, Beaumont Health 

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