The future of fighting crime: police and fire add drones to toolkits

\When it comes to fighting crime police have a variety of tools at their disposal to get the job done and are now adding drones to their options.

Drones are everywhere, it seems. From Hollywood to FOX 2 and now to police and fire departments. They're welcoming training on drones because, for police, it gives them a perspective they don't normally have.

"Cops and firefighters have so many things they have to train on," said Fritz Reber, Ret. Police Captain; Skydio Public Safety. "That overwatched platform, that ability to see the whole scene from above - so the value of drones is well-known and well understood by Public Safety."

Drones are easy to fly, quick to deploy, and have sophisticated cameras that can find people, even if they're hiding by using infrared technology.

"If they're hiding in the bushes they're going to be hotter than the temperature around them and their body is gonna show up," said Scott Ferguson, VP Gresco Utility Supply.

It isn't just to fight crime - it helps find people who may be lost in the dark. 

"They've lost people, elderly people, that they have dementia and they find them, people kids lost in the woods or lost in the forest, absolutely find them that way," Ferguson said.

The drones are also smart. One is so sophisticated, it won't bump into things - even if you try.

Charlie Langton did just that but was unsuccessful. That's good for flying in low places, like under trees. 

It has a price point of about $1,000 but many in law enforcement say it's worth it.

"Because it will save lives, make it easier for them to do their job, and make them quicker to respond to the situation," Ferguson said.