The Pet Beastro focuses on healthy eating for your pets

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The keys to staying in shape are working out and eating right. So if we're watching what we eat and we're concerned about geting the right foods and avoiding chemicals and preservatives, what about our pets?

Midnight is an 8-year-old lab and corgi mix. He's got a great disposition and a beautiful shiny black coat, but that wasn't always the case. When his owners rescued him two years ago, he had a lot of problems.

"He was heavily overweight, had a skin condition, flaky skin, itching, and he had a really dull coat,"

So Midnight came to Jill Tack at Pet Beastro in Madison Heights. The alternative pet food store sells all natural products with no byproducts, fillers, artifical chemicals or preservatives. Midnight went on a raw diet and within just a few months, he had lost all his weight and was like a new dog.

"His skin condition went away, his coat is super shiny now. He's got more energy so he plays more, " his owner said.

Jill says it's important to eat healthy for both human and canine. She says many dogs have a hard time digesting processed kibble so you should try to look for healthy alternatives.

"All of our food that we carry here is wheat, corn and soy free. Corn and soy are actually the highest genetically modified crops in the United States, and can cause gut disruptions and allergens and all sorts of medical issues with pets," Tack said.

The Pet Beastro also carries a variety of treats as well as food supplements and a wide selection of non-toxic toys, made of recyclable materials. They also test all the products themselves and, yes, that includes taste-tesing the food.

The Pet Beastro also offers nutritional consults and an animal chiropractor visits the store four times a month. The food selection might be a little more expensive than other pet foods,  but Jill says it's more dense in nutrition, and more filling so you don't have to feed your pet as much.

"You just generally have a healthier pet, they feel better, they live longer, and that really is the end result is we want our pets around as long as they can stay," Tack said.