The question for Kilpatrick is what's next, those who knew him say

Kwame Kilpatrick is getting out of prison after serving seven of his 28-year sentence.

"I was hoping and praying it was fake news," said attorney Norman Yatooma. "He's earned every minute of those 28 years, and him getting out early is a travesty."

Yatooma sued Kilpatrick for his alleged role in the 2003 murder of exotic dancer Tamara "Strawberry" Greene. But a judge threw the case out and Greene's murder was never solved. 

"Maybe he is indeed leading Bible studies. I hope it's true, if it's true, I invite him to come here and lead a Bible study. We have them every week," Yatooma said.

M. L. Elrick, former FOX 2 investigative reporter was at the Detroit Free Press when he was part of the team that brought down Kilpatrick. 

"He is a spiritual person, and he has talked a lot about ministering to fellow inmates and other people," Elrick said. "So perhaps that's his calling.

"The question we all have is, what's next?"

We put the same question to political consultant Adolph Mongo will Kilpatrick be loyal to Donald Trump?

"If I wanted to get out I'd say whatever I had to say to get out," he said, adding there would be no loyalty to Donald Trump."

But Mongo says Kilpatrick is popular, but can't run for a state office, yet could run for a federal office.

"I wouldn't put it past him. He's only 50 years old, he is still a young man," Mongo said. "Biden is 80 years old and he's the president."

In 2008, Kilpatrick plead no contest to assaulting a deputy by pushing them off his sister's porch.  

Kilpatrick still has to pay back roughly $11 million, or so, in restitution and other court judgements.  How?

"He's going to write a book and get $11 million," Mongo theorized.

FOX 2: "Would you read his book or see his movie?"

"Yes I would if it was done right, because I was there," he said.

 And finally, what should Kwame Kilpatrick now say to Detroit?

"(He should say) I wish you the best of luck, because we all want Detroit  to be -as he used to say - the city that God intended it to be," Elrick said.