The sweet side of dark chocolate

Okay chocolate lovers, science is on our side!

You don't need to use Valentine's Day as an excuse to indulge. Turns out the doctor says dark chocolate is an everyday treat. Dark chocolate is one of the real surprises when you talk about heart healthy foods.

First rule to remember, though, is it needs to be dark chocolate to get more of the cacao bean. Cardiologist Joel Kahn says be choosey with your chocolate. Go for ones that have around 70 percent cacao.

All chocolate starts with cacao, which is considered a superfood. The pod contains the bean and from that we get chocolate. That bean is filled with good stuff. 

If you can control the dose, one inch by one inch, it can benefit your arteries and control your blood pressure.

What's so good about cacao? It's filled with flavanoids, which are are antioxidants. Studies link cacao to better brain and heart health.

Dr. Kahn says to eat about a postage stamp-sized piece of dark chocolate a day.

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