'The system failed us': Family of slain DPD sergeant lambasts killer who got probation deal

The man accused of killing a Detroit police Sgt Elaine Williams received his sentence - but due to a plea deal, won’t serve any time behind bars.

The man who pulled the trigger, Eddie Ray Johnson Jr., sat in a courtroom listening to her loved ones, speak for her and share their pain while heartbroken for the justice they say, was denied.

"He ain't nothing but a piece of crap and he knows it - he shot our daughter in the back," said her father.

"You stole her from us and it’s not fair that the system has no justice," a woman said. "Because now it leaves a gateway for other people to think they can murder a police officer, a mom, and they can just walk the world on probation.

"How is that fair? How is that justice?"

Back in 2019, Johnson was charged in connection with the fatal shooting of Elaine Williams. Prosecutors say neighbors heard Williams and Johnson arguing and then gunshots.

Eventually, they would also see Johnson leave the couple’s home, apparently shot.

Williams' son remembers that day.

"I waited for the police, they carried me out," he said. "I opened both my eyes and I seen blood all over the sink."

According to investigators both Johnson and Williams had been drinking, based on their blood alcohol levels.

Shell casings apparently fired from Williams' gun were also found inside the home.

Johnson said he shot Williams after they fought, telling investigators that she shot him first.

Because of all of this, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy offered Johnson a plea deal with no jail time.

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"This is a bunch of crap," her father said in court. "Shot in the back of the head - four times. That’s an execution - that ain't no damn self-defense."

"The system has failed us," Williams' mother said. "The system has failed this family. The system has failed the community."

As part of the deal, Johnson entered a plea of no contest to manslaughter and received three years probation. The felony firearm charge was dismissed.

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Prosecutor Worthy provided a statement, it reads in part:

"The evidence was carefully considered by three veteran assistant prosecutors and myself. In this case, where both parties were shot with the same gun, the order of events is open to multiple interpretations. Considering our burden of proof, we believe this is an appropriate resolution. The decision to offer this plea to this defendant was not what we wanted to do, but it was the just thing to do."

If Johnson violates the terms of probation, he could receive 15 years in prison.

Eddie Ray Johnson Jr. Inset: DPD Sgt. Elaine Williams.

Eddie Ray Johnson Jr. Inset: DPD Sgt. Elaine Williams.