The Torch food truck raises money, feeds homeless

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It is a feeding frenzy outside The Torch food truck in downtown Howell.

On this day it is dishing up breakfast for members of the Downtown Development Authority. On any other day is usually serving Livingston County's less fortunate - and for free.

"Today we served burritos we've served pancakes, French toast, hot dogs and brats," said co-founder Sarah Ruddle.

Ruddle and Rhonda Callanan are the brains behind this bold non-profit operation to serve the areas under served, the homeless.

With about $20 in their pockets combined. They came up with an idea and went with it.

"I felt small, I felt worthless, I could see where people could give up and say I don't belong in society," said Callanan. "I wanted to do something to people to give them hope."

The food truck is really just the beginning of what these ladies are envisioning. Eventually they would like to help the people they serve in a completely different way. By offering training and getting them back to work.

Right now the torch visits three neighborhoods a week, giving those who live there one less thing to worry about.

The food is nourishing their bodies but also their drive to do better.

"The kids are the best," said Ruddle. "They will do somersaults give standing ovations saying the torch is here it’s worth the burns and sweat and the grumbling that goes along with it."

Donations make every meal possible. These women's stories including the struggles they have overcome simply the catalyst for change

If you'd like to help them continue to help others: