The vaccination debate amid measles outbreak

A dangerous disease eradicated nearly 20 years ago is making a comeback. Many blame the current measles outbreak on parents who decline to vaccinate their children - but those parents say the state has no business telling them how to raise their kids. Is this a matter of personal freedom? Or public danger? 

On the panel:
Erica Bateman-Tank, founder and executive director of Green Garden Child Development
Dr. James Neuenschwander, founder Bio Energy Medical Center
Dr. Gerald Shiener, Birmingham psychiatrist
Dr. Shaun Jayakar, Ascension St. John Hospital 

Then, in part two: Rebecca Bredow joins us. The mother and parental rights advocate went to jail rather than obey a judge's orders to vaccinate her son in 2017. Would she do it all over again? 

Lastly, Charlie Langton takes Let It Rip on the road.