Therapy dogs that helped Parkland shooting survivors get their own school yearbook page

Therapy dogs that helped comfort the survivors of the Parkland school shooting are being honored with their very own yearbook page.




Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida included the photos of 14 therapy and service dogs that were brought in to help students following last year's shooting that left 17 people dead. A few of the dogs even joined students at prom.

Some of the dog even got dressed up for their yearbook photo by wearing a tie!

"Including the therapy/service dogs in the yearbook is the best decision we’ve made so far like this one dog had a bowtie and my heart 😭💗💕"  @sighnatasha wrote on Twitter.




The yearbook's theme is "It All Depends." The goal is to highlight the growth of the community and how it has transformed since the life-changing massacre.