Thief breaks into Van Buren Twp. home on camera

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A man caught on camera creeping around a house in Van Buren Township.

He's accused of breaking inside and police are trying to track him down. The suspect got away with money and jewelry, but the homeowners hope that surveillance video will help catch him.

"It's terrifying, it's like you don't know what's going on," said Laura Bremer. "You don't know what he's doing in the house."

"I called the police when I saw the video," said Nick Brigmon.

The homeowners are on edge after a man was caught walking onto their property and climbing through an unlocked window to get inside their Van Buren Township home Wednesday just before 5 p.m.

"He was pretending like he knew what he was doing he walked around," Brigmon said. "He scoped it out, you can hear on his telephone call that he checked out garage and he said there were no cars in the garage." 

That's when this robber felt it was okay to make his way inside. The couple says their pets were the only ones at home during the home invasion - and fortunately they were not hurt.

They say there's a sense of security that has been stolen from them. Bremer says the robber took some very sentimental items.

"I think about $300 worth of coins that we had, jugs of coins and some jewelry - sentimental pieces," said Bremer. "Sone of the coins were collectibles."  

The homeowners say they knew someone was on their property thanks to a surveillance camera and an app called Nest Cam

Investigators say they are looking into this incident and want anyone who has information to contact Van Buren Township Police 

"He invaded our space and he needs to pay for that," said Brigmon.

The homeowners say they hope the getaway vehicle and the tattoos on the suspect's body help someone out there watching this video identify the suspect and get him off the streets before he strikes again.