Thieves break through brick wall to steal from Metro PCS

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Some bold thieves break into a local Metro PCS store and steal anything they could get their hands on.

It is the fourth or fifth time the store has been broken into, but the first time suspects used a hammer to get inside.

Surveillance cameras were rolling as suspects took a hammer to a wall to break into the store on Detroit's east side. The break-in happened at this Metro PCs on Seven Mile Road near Hoover around 4 a.m. Tuesday.

Once inside, they cleared house by stealing cell phones, accessories, speakers and blue tooth devices.

"It took them four minutes to go through the wall," said Eddie Meza, the store owner. "And then another four minutes to be in."

On recording watch has they creep out of the hole they made on the side of the building with bags full of stolen goods. Meza says one way to keep this from happening is don't buy what they're planning to sell.

"Small businesses, people on the street, please stop buying stolen items," he said. "Because if we all stop, then the thieves have nowhere to sell the stolen items."

One of the suspects is seen wearing a mask, the other was not and a surveillance camera inside the store got a good shot of him.

"I just think they are kids not thinking right," Meza said. "So if you are listening to this, bring back what was taken and do the right thing."

Meza, while disappointed, is undaunted.

"We're not going anywhere, I love my city," he said. "I love my Detroit."

If you recognize the man in that video or have any information about what happened here please call Detroit police at (313) 596-5200.