Thieves bust hole through Detroit Dollar Tree in snatch-and-grab attempt

Detroit police are investigating a snatch and grab on the city's southwest side after thieves busted a vehicle-size hole inside a Dollar Tree.

Police cruisers and investigators were outside the Vernor business for several hours Monday morning after finding toppled bricks and drywall in the back.

Officers suspect the thieves had actually missed their target and had intended to get into the Foot Locker nearby. 

Instead, they broke into a Dollar Tree. It's unclear if they stole anything. 

The snatch and grab attempt happened in the 1600 block of Vernor, at a strip mall between Military and Dragoon Street. Five businesses are located in the area, including a Dollar Tree and Foot Locker. 

Police have also towed away a semi-truck parked nearby that was suspected of being involved in the crime. 

No visuals of the suspects had been released as of early Monday morning.