Thieves rip out ATM from Southfield party store

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Thieves target a business in Southfield stealing an entire ATM.

Surveillance video shows a band of criminals ripping the front door open at a local neighborhood store shortly before 5 a.m. on Thursday in Southfield.

Within a few minutes, they get inside, take the ATM out of the store, and drive away. One of the owners at the Suburban Liquor Shoppe  near 12 Mile and Evergreen is now speaking out.

"I see the guys backing up, I see the license plate, one of the guys took the mask off and we got a picture of him," said D. Atchu, the owner.

You can see the suspects did a little bit of damage to the door from them to get inside. They stole the ATM and police believe they are connected to more of these crimes.

Police say this is the third incident in the past few weeks that investigators believe the people you see, are connected to including this store on Lasher.

"My beer salesman came inside and told me to be careful because there were a lot of smash and grabs and they're taking the ATMs," she said. "We got hit today at about 4:47 (a.m.) and it took them about four minutes to come in and out."

Although little damage has been done inside, Atchu and her husband have their guard up.

"It's not right. you work hard for what you have and they come in and take it away from you," she said. "It's not fair."

Police say the getaway vehicles have been stolen, so tips are needed. If you have any information, contact Southfield police at (248) 796-5000.