Thieves steal ATM from Royal Oak grocery store

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This is not the kind of News Year's Eve bang the owner and staff at Fresh Approach Marketplace in Royal Oak had in mind.

"From 12:30 to 4:30 this morning it was nothing but sweep and mop so we could open and do business as usual," said Jim Septer, market employee.

The incident happened at about 11:50 p.m. Sunday just before midnight. That's when store employees said the suspects used a vehicle to knock down the market's front doors. 

Once inside, the suspects slipped and slide in wine, beer and juice to get the ATM bolted to the floor. Despite the struggle they persisted, and the vehicle is used to free the money machine.

"They backed up far enough to ram the ATM machine, break the bolts on the floor, threw it in the back and took off," said Septer.

Septer says he got a call to come help clean up the damage.

"The little bit of money they got out of that machine is nothing compared to the amount of damage they did," he said. "The door frame is gone. I don't know how many bottles of wine, champagne all over the floor."

This year across Metro Detroit there have been a number of smash and grabs involving ATMs and Septer says this is not the first attempt to take this market's ATM.

"About nine months ago someone broke a side window by the front door and tried to access the ATM machine," Septer said.

They were unsuccessful that time.. But store employees believe that attempt earlier this year is connected to this recent incident.

 As police continue their investigation store management says they're making changes 

"It's costing us more to repair and replace merchandise then it is to have that ATM," Septer said. "My suggestion to the boss, and he told me last night, no more ATM."