Thieves steal central air conditioning unit from backyard of Detroit home

The heat and humidity is on but for a family in Detroit, they were left in the heat after someone pulled up to their home and stole their home air conditioning unit.

The crime was captured on Paul Duda's Ring Doorbell camera on the city's east side. Surprisingly, Paul is pretty chill about it.

"If the people themselves are watching, I just really hope that you needed it more than we did," Paul said.

The theft happened a little before 6:00 Monday morning. The two mill around for a bit and are easily caught on Paul's security system.

"So we found out yesterday that we got an alert on our thermostat that was like 'hey we've been trying to cool your house and it's just getting warmer'," Paul said.

Outside, the cord is cut and the unit is just  -- gone. 

While Paul is chill about it, he is concerned about his 2-year-old son.

"I also hope, maybe they consider giving it back. I don't know that that's actually what would happen," Paul said.

Paul and his wife are transplants from Los Angeles, but they won't let the theft chase them away. They're committed to the Detroit neighborhood.

"I don't know that people realize, maybe, the damage that they do to their own neighborhood, their own city, by doing something like that. So it just stinks to see it happen in our neighborhood because we really love it," Paul said.

Paul says his landlord is working on a replacement.