Third suspect in 6 Mile gang rapes arraigned on $1 million bond

He showed up at FOX 2 before turning himself into police. On Tuesday  Chico Bruce faced a judge and a long list of charges.
Bruce, 22, is one of three young men accused of gang raping and robbing couples in Detroit, but he says police have the wrong guy.

A day after turning himself in, Bruce appeared to mouth the words "I'm going to get off," at a video arraignment. Nineteen counts were read off to him, including first degree criminal sexual conduct, robbery and kidnapping. 

Accused of a robbery and rape of a young couple earlier this month, Bruce was given a $1 million bond.

"If the prosecutor decides you are not one of the people who committed these horrendous crimes, I am sure they will release you," the judge said.

Detroit police released Bruce's photo Monday and say the attacks could be gang-related. Three couples have been robbed, raped and beaten over the last month along McNichols. 

Prosecutors have also charged 17-year-old Jordan Reese and Antoine Orr - who his mother says, just turned 18 in jail.
"I'm just lost," said Cassandra Orr. "I don't know. That's my first born."

Police say the men forced each couple into an alley at gun point, stole their cell phones and clothing and raped the women forcing the men to watch.

"It's horrible for those victims and I'm so sorry I would never wish that on anyone," Cassandra said. 

Monday night Bruce, who continues to say he has nothing to do with the gang rapes and robberies, turned himself into the Wayne County Jail.

"I haven't done anything," he said to FOX 2's Taryn Asher. "I'm innocent."

Bruce says he was with his girlfriend and family during the time of the attack. 

The family of Antoine Orr says the same.

"I understand you got Chico and you got a name," Orr's sister Lounikka Jones said. "But they didn't have a name for Antoine.  So the picture just looks like him, so now you're going to say it's him?"

But the charges tell a different story, as police say there could be up to to six men responsible for these attacks.
Chico Bruce is due back in court on August 4. If you have any more information on these crimes, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.