'This is not highway justice,' Immigration lawyer rebukes president's call for more deportations

President Donald Trump tweeted late last night he was renewing a call for ICE to restart another round of deportations.

That has immigration lawyers from Michigan concerned.

"I want the legal system to be respected by all," said Eman Jajonie-Daman, a lawyer. "Whether if you are a criminal or you are the President of the United States."

On the eve of Trump's rally, where he plans to announce his reelection campaign, he tweeted:

However, Jajonie-Daman rebuked those calls, stating the president has to go through the same legal process that everyone else does.

"Under the president's administration, yes, they do have powers under immigration law to deport people here illegally," she said. "However, and this 'however' is bold, underlined, is in capital words; there is a process. This is not highway justice. This is not the wild wild west; this is the United States."

Jajoni-Daman said the president's tweets are reminiscent of 2017, when the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement rounded up dozens of Chaldean immigrants in Metro Detroit. Christians from Iraq were under threat of deportation until a federal judge ordered their release more than a year later. 

Many of those detainees were Jajonie-Daman's clients.

"Let's follow the constitution. If these people should not be here after a court, after the rule of law is enforced and after a judge who has been appointed and entrusted with our laws makes a decision," she said. "You can not be here. You should not be here. Then so be it. That's the law. We are going to follow it."