Thousands hit the water for Port Huron Float Down

Law enforcement on both the Canadian and United States side helped thousands of people who participated in the Port Huron Float Down this past weekend.

The unsanctioned event took place Sunday in Port Huron as less than 100 maritime emergency responders and law enforcement kept an eye on the 5,000 participants. Those responders were members of both U.S. and Canadian agencies.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, nine lives were saved, 285 people were assisted, more than 150 were separated from the group when they started floating down the river, and 1,850 people were helped back to the United States side after wind blew them into Canadian waters.

The Port Huron Float Down is an unsanctioned annual event that traditionally starts at Lighthouse Beach in Port Huron and ends 8 miles downstream at Chrysler Beach in Marysville.

During a broadcast on Tuesday, August 18, we mistakenly reported that 285 people were arrested. 285 people were assisted, not arrested. We regret the error and how it reflects on Port Huron and the Port Huron Float Down.