Thousands of Detroiters already hired for FCA's new Mack Ave plant

Detroit mayor Mike Duggan said at a news conference Wednesday that 100% of those hired so far to work at FCA's new Mack Avenue assembly plant in the city are Detroit residents. 

More than 2,600 workers hired so far for nearly the 5,000 jobs available are all Detroit residents, Duggan said, and that thousands more are still on the preferred list to fill remaining positions. 

“We had 10,000 Detroiters we thought were qualified that we provided to FCA on a list - 5,500 of them were invited in for interviews; 4,300 have gotten an offer; 4,100 have already accepted," Duggan said. 

To get that deal done, Detroit bought the land for FCA and gave it to them at no charge with a tax break. The FCA assembly plant is expected to be open in the spring of 2021. 

“There are going to be about 1,100 more hired permanently, mostly at the existing Jefferson North plant. And then, on an ongoing basis as people leave, there will be more hires," Duggan said.

Also as part of the deal FCA has to continue to interview from the Detroit list first, so there are more jobs out there. FCA is spending $2.5 billion on the east side of Detroit split between two facilities.

“We had confidence in this workforce and we know that Detroiters were ready to work, eager to work, had the passion to work and that was very exciting, very comforting as we undertook this endeavor," said Ron Stallworth, who works with FCA. 

A Detroiter who's been hired also spoke at the news conference. 

“This means everything. I can take care of my family now, being a part of history. This is the Motor City.” He's currently working at Warren Truck for the time being until the plant opens.