Thousands sign petition to get Waterford woman who killed husband out of prison

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Tina Talbot say she killed her husband after suffering years of mental, physical and sexual abuse. 

A close friend says it’s very hard on her and it’s been a huge adjustment. 

Talbot initially faced an open murder charge but plead guilty to manslaughter. Now she’s behind bars, her friend and family are on a mission to get her out.

“Tina has been a victim of the most severe domestic violence for 23 years. This is not justice,” Janene Staley said. She is helping lead the charge to get Talbot out of prison. 

The 51-year old mother is serving a 20-month to 15-year sentence for shooting and killing her husband, Milosz Szcepanowicz, in the backyard of their Waterford home in September.

Talbot maintains her story that she acted in self-defense. She described the moment leading up to the shooting during her sentencing.

"He sat in a lawn chair, I walked out standing kitty corner behind him pointing the gun at him," she said. "He said I have five seconds to kill him otherwise he would take the gun from me and kill [my son] Phillip first and then me."

“We have had a huge outcry in the community and around the nation and outside the country to. People are outraged that Tina has been put in prison,” Staley said.

Supporters started a petition on and amassed more than 20,000 signatures in less than two days. The hope is to secure a pardon from Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

“It's time that we start recognizing domestic violence for what it is and start making changes.”

Fox 2: “How likely is it Tina Talbot will get this pardon?”

“It's going to be difficult because she's been convicted by plea. Off course you understand why she plead because she was looking at either life or a term of years for second degree,” Lillian Diallo said.

Diallo is an attorney. She did not represent Talbot but successfully defended Starr Holmes, a woman who killed her abusive ex-boyfriend in self-defense back in 2017. She says Talbot should have never been charged.

“From what I've read if he was as abusive as they say he was, were we supposed to wait until she's dead and have a march, a vigil and talk about domestic violence and how horrible it is and how you need help? What was she supposed to do?”

“She was in a do or die situation. She had to save herself and her son.”

Talbot says her husband threatened to kill her and their seven-year-old son Phillip, who has been living with Talbot’s parents. Staley says the split between Tina and her son is taking a huge toll on both of them.

“This is not justice this is not where she needs to be. She needs to be at home taking care of her son who needs her desperately.”

Staley says Talbot’s legal team is also looking into appeal options, as for the pardon we reached out to Governor Whitmer’s office for comment, no response.