Thousands sign petition to move Halloween to Saturday

As the kids head out to trick-or-treat there's a nationwide push to change Halloween forever. 

It has always been celebrated on October 31st whatever day of the week that falls on. But now some people are saying it's a lot more fun when it falls on a weekend. 

For many of us, Halloween is a big deal. for parents it's an even bigger deal. Some have planned their children's costumes for months.

With Halloween falling on different days during the year, that can be a lot of planning for a very short celebration. especially on a week day - by the time the kids finish school, homework and parents get home. 

Now one group has launched a petition for Halloween to be moved to the last Saturday every October. the petition addressed to the white house already has more than 41,000 signatures and it's growing fast. 

"I believe there's a lot of support for the safety factor of children not having to trick-or-treat in the darkness and also for the adults not having to shorten the party because people have to go to work the next day," said Howard Beige, of Rubie's Costume Company.

The costume association behind the petition recognizes support would never be absolute. And, in fact, there is another petition to keep Halloween exactly where it is on the 31st. it's early but right now it has seven signatures compared to the 41,000 in favor of moving the date. 

Parents and parenting experts we talked to overwhelmingly embraced the idea of having an entire weekend to enjoy the fruits of their Halloween labor. 

In the end, Halloween is not a federal holiday. so the government doesn't really have a lot to do with it.