Threats made by a Pres. Trump supporter, ‘Change out government officials with bullets instead of ballots’

"We are seeing threats to representatives on both sides of the aisle," said Rep. Lauri Pohutsky. 

Politicians are often criticized for their work. 

"Since the election and in particular, since the Rudy Giuliana hearing, we have been getting them every day," Pohutsky said. 

Threats, that is. Pohutsky, a Democrat in Livonia, said the social media threats are routinely sent to the Sergeant at Arms for investigation. 

"The sergeants are receiving hundreds of them every single day," she said. 

But one threat in Facebook to every member of the Michigan House and possibly the Wisconsin on Wednesday, went too far. 

"Rather than replacing us with ballots, they’re going to start using bullets," Pohutsky said. 

But the post went farther. 

"It called for the mass execution of elected officials, and it stated a date as well," Pohutsky said. 

That date was Jan.6., which the writer said is the last, best chance for our government to right the ship. But unlike some posts, this one used a name, Randall Yaeger, and an apparent business email address. FOX 2 tried to track the name and business down, but had no luck. 

"It’s not appropriate," Pohutsky said. "There are consequences to your actions."

Those consequences could include prison time of up to 20 years and a $250,000 fine - similar to a New Hampshire woman who is now facing charges after allegedly sending disgusting threats to the chair of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, Monica Palmer. 

"Whether it’s an elected official or any other person, there’s no room for these type of threats in our society," Pohutsky said.