Three arrested for mutilation, murder of woman found in burning car trunk in Detroit

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The Detroit Police Department says three people have been charged with the murder, torture, and mutilation of a woman found dead in the back of a burning car last week.

Alyssa Dickson, 21, Felicia Bowles, 37, and Damiso Marble, 30, all face charges of felony murder; torture; unlawful imprisonment, and disinterment or mutilation of a body. Marble and Bowles also face a charge of assault with intent to commit murder.

All three suspects are being held without bond.

Police said a woman was found dead in the trunk of a burning car last week. Friends and family members have identified the victim as Angela Neilson, 28.

Detroit police have not confirmed the identification.

Death cause unknown of young mom found in trunk of burning car

Firefighters and police discovered her body so badly burned that dental records were used to identify her.

"She's a mother, a daughter, a sister, she's a grandkid," says Dwayne Gabbard, the father of her children. "That's torture; that's just not something you do to a human. What could she have done to make somebody do that?"

Body found in trunk of burned car on Detroit's southwest side

Gabbard, the father of two of her children, 7-year-old Mariah and 4-year-old Nevaeh, says for the last year and a half an addiction to pills and then heroin was taking over Nielson's life.

"I kind of prepared myself but (not) for the way it happened," he says.

Gabbard learned Nielsen's photo had been on the shady ad site Then, Nielsen was seen walking the streets of southwest Detroit.

"Drugs got the best of her, it did," Gabbard says. "It's bad out there. It's bad."