Tigers Opening Day 2016: Excitement high; parking at a premium

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Opening day - the sights, the sounds, and the snow. The wintry weather will be far from the only issue for fans.

Parking for tomorrow's game could be a nightmare. The Tigers advise getting downtown early.

There are two new factors this year - first the Red Wings' new home swallowed up acres of previous fan parking.

And the M1 rail line under construction has strangled traffic on Woodward Ave. No Standing means no parking, If you get creative you may get a pricey ticket, or worse yet - get towed.

"Opening day and of course Thanksgiving down on this corner (are the busiest)," said David Trevino, Vietnam veteran. "We're very grateful to still be here."

The Vietnam veterans at the corner of Temple and Woodward is the only public lot that takes whatever you want to pay.

Here for 30 years they sold this lot and due to the Red Wings new home they are allowed to stay and offer parking for one final Tiger season this summer.

Your parking fee? You tell the Vietnam Vets how much you'll pay to park.

"We take donations," Trevino said. "We don't dictate a price of any kind."

Fans will go through security checks the less you bring the quicker you'll move. Despite a predicted Snow-pening day fans with tickets are ready to start the game now.