Tire dumping suspect accused of erasing computer hard drive

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The owner of Frank's Auto Center is accused of participating in illegal tire dumping - and he is now facing a new allegation.

Frank Hachem was in court Friday accused of knowingly and intentionally tampering with evidence in the case. Prosecutors argue there was a deletion of security system video before Hachem turned it over to police.

"You indicated that the system function was set to delete?" said Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Elisabeth Mullins, Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

"The function to erase the hard drive was activated," said Sgt. Paul Pesmark, DPD cyber-crimes.

But Hachem's attorney worked to chip away at the sergeant's credibility stating anyone, including investigators, who handled the system could have erased the video.

"There were multiple people who had access to the DVR while it was at the Detroit Police Department," said Edward Bajoka, Hachem's attorney.

Hachem has maintained his innocence. Back in July a resident said she saw Charles Wilson dumping tires in her neighborhood. When she followed him and his truck, Wilson was seen going to Frank's Auto Center where she saw Wilson stacking up on more tires.

But Hachem's attorney says his client is innocent and has no reason to tamper with evidence 

"Ms. Johnson testified that she did not see my client dumping tires," Bajoka said. "She saw another individual who she described as an African American male."

After hearing both sides the judge was clear on his position.

"Illegal dumping has been allowed to continue to go on too long in the city of Detroit," said Judge William McConico. "The court does find there is probable cause that the felony offense charge was committed in the city of Detroit. And there is probable cause the defendant committed the offense."  

The case is now bound over to Third Circuit Court which puts it on track for trial. City leaders say they hope today's court proceedings send a strong message.