Tornado survivor in good spirits after storm rips his home's roof off

Meet Joey Stinson, tornado survivor.

The Shiawassee County resident's roof was torn off his home in Wednesday's severe weather and he documented it all on camera.

"Ain't no tornado going toe-to-toe with me on my best day," he quipped in one clip before getting serious. "Who's with me, it's no one. My house was just destroyed."

Stinson's spirit is certainly completely intact. He's upbeat, alive and posting on Facebook even though he just survived a tornado.

"It was about 6:50 p.m. and my phone went off with a National Weather Service alert informing me that there was a tornado (that) touched down and it would be at my residence in five minutes," Stinson said. "Like a responsible adult I went outside to look at it."

The tornado ripped through Stinson's community. Neighbors just north of Durand experienced heavy damage. Stinson documented it with a walk through his damaged home that was now missing a roof.

"In the spirit of documenting my life for all you spectators to see,” Stinson said. "A tornado just ripped through Shiawassee County and my home, as we walk through a very dark and deserted corridor, I'm going to take you upstairs where you will see my new sky roof. It wasn't there before and as you can see, I no longer have a roof."

His roommate too got the blow by blow from Stinson.

"I was five minutes from home when he texted me that there was a tornado coming - and he texted me in all caps, which means it is serious when it is coming from Joey," said Ryan Harper. "It was raining cats and dogs on our beds and everything. I got home from a long day at work and instead of sitting down, relaxing and having dinner, I had to rush and grab all my stuff and move it back downstairs and just do damage control."

Michigan State Police was going door to door but so far no injuries have been reported. Lots of trees and other debris has been though, causing issues including 21 homes damaged. It was a close call for Joey, but he is good.

"I did not at one point think to myself 'this is it, this is the end,'" Stinson said. "I was like this is going to be fun. My car exploded once and I laughed that off too"

FOX 2: "So you just shrug everything off?"

"Except relationships man," he said. "They haunt me forever."