Tortoises stolen from Grosse Pointe Woods pet store recovered

2 tortoises were returned after local police and tips came to help the local pet store 

The two stolen creatures were returned to the Lou's Pet Shop in Grosse Point Woods. 

August 15th was a moment Lou's Pet Shop in Grosse Point Woods did not want to experience. 

That evening, around 6:00 pm security footage, captured thieves taking two Sulcata tortoises from their enclosure inside the pet store. 

These tortoises, although small now have the potential to grow and weigh over 90 pounds, and stretch out to three feet in length.

Originating from Africa, these pets are docile and often make small burrows in their habitat to avoid heat. 

"While we are disappointed at this breach of trust within our atmosphere of animal lovers, we are more concerned with the welfare of our tortoises and sincerely hope that they are being cared for."

For the following 12 hours, the tortoises were still missing. 

After many tips from Lou's social media community of animal lovers and help from the Grosse Pointe Woods Police Department, these pets were recovered.

The two missing creatures were returned to the shop, are a part of the variety of animals available to purchase.