Tortured and abused dog found stabbed dozens of times in Southfield

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A canine possibly used in dog fighting is found tortured and abused at a home in Southfield.

It is one of the worst cases of abuse these rescuers have ever seen as the previous owner took a knife to him over and over again.

Somehow, he remains a friendly dog.  With cuts by the dozen and a rope strangling his neck, Stormy was found in a garage Tuesday at a home in Southfield, with several other dogs, allegedly being trained for dog fighting. Stormy is what they call a bait dog.

"He's so loving, someone was so bad to him and abused him (but) all he wants is to give kisses and be by people," said Gina Perry, from the Almost Home animal shelter.

The 4-year-old pit/lab/shepherd mix was named Stormy by rescuers, for the storm he's passing through.

"I hurt for him deeply," Perry said. "I couldn't even imagine that he's going through. He needs to be rushed to the vet as soon as we can. We need all the funds we can possibly get to help this poor guy."

Shelter workers say three other dogs have also been rescued from the home, signed over by the owner who they say currently is not facing charges.

"He just needs justice," Perry said. "And his previous owner needs to face charges. No dog needs to go through this."

If you can help donate to Stormy's recovery, the shelter could really use the help. CLICK HERE to donate.