Tortured dog found dead on Detroit's east side

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“It's heartbreaking. It made my stomach turn. It made me cry. It makes me have nightmares.”

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue founder Theresa Sumpter reacts to a horrible and frightening scene she discovered inside a bathroom in an abandoned house on Detroit's east side.

“There's a hook on that door and then there was a leash tied around this dog's neck, and then the hook of the leash is hooked up to the hook on the door, and the dog was hanging.”

The breed of the dog is unknown, but Sumpter believes it's some type of Shepherd.

She also believes the dog was tortured inside the house.

“It appears that they had been fighting dogs in the house.”

Residents in the neighborhood can't believe someone would do something like this.

“Well, I hope you get caught. Turn yourself in.”

Sumpter took Fox 2 inside the house where the dog was found.

The smell in and outside the house was so bad, the Pit Crew went searching for another possible victim.

“Why should an animal be tortured like this? It’s horrific. What if that was your pet? What if that was my pet? If you’re a viewer and you know who did this, if that was your pet, wouldn’t you want someone to go to jail,” said Sumpter.

The search came up empty, but Sumpter believes Detroit Pit Crew may have an idea about who could be responsible for this crime.

“We know for a fact that this person served time previously for animal abuse and he was released in early April, so yes we do believe that he is involved in this.”

Neighbors say it's up to them to work together to help cut down on criminal activity inside abandoned homes.

“In Detroit you have to keep your eyes open. You’ve got to watch for things. You can’t just be naive, and go in your house and close the door. You have to look out your window and on the side. It’s the best way to be,” said a concerned neighbor.

Sumpter is asking anyone who has information about this case to speak up so it won't happen again.

“We're searching for information,” said Sumpter.”The more information we get, the better chance of having a conviction here.”