Towing boss Gasper Fiore arraigned in Rizzo, Macomb corruption probe

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Towing boss Gasper Fiore arraigned in Rizzo corruption probe

A prominent Grosse Pointe Shores businessman was arraigned Tuesday in federal court on conspiracy charges.

Gaspar Fiore was arraigned on multiple counts including conspiracy to commit bribery, bribery, mail- and wire fraud. A grand jury said Fiore gave thousands of dollars to Chuck Rizzo, the head of the Rizzo Environmental Services garbage hauling company, to give to Dean Reynolds, a Clinton Township trustee.

Reynolds was supposed to use that money to help Fiore get towing contracts and to help Rizzo get garbage hauling contracts. The feds say these transactions happened in the last year or so. What would happen is that Fiore would give the money to Rizzo and Rizzo would give the money to Dean Reynolds and that should have resulted in millions of dollars of contracts.

Fiore if he is convicted faces up to 20 years in prison. As the feds themselves say it is important to remember that he's innocent until proven guilty.


There are 12 people charged criminally now. They are now coming into court to face charges and many of them are cutting deals which leads to more charges for some people that we may not have even heard of.