Toy giveaway organizer makes good on promise after shutdown

Children in need of a little Christmas cheer received their presents in an orderly fashion Tuesday after many of them were sent home this weekend when a big disturbance broke out at the original toy drive. 

Hundreds of people had been standing in line Saturday when things got out of control and everyone was sent home. Detroit police officers even had to storm in and break up the unruly crowd. But since then, volunteers have been working to make things right. 

Since then, giveaway organizer John Cromer and his helpers have opened their doors back up to make sure everyone who registered for a toy gets one. 

"We have services 85 to90 percent on the families. The only 10 percent of families are being scheduled to come get their toys, Cromer says.  

Even after Christmas, the gifts are still embraced. We caught up with three siblings who got to pick out their own toy. They didn't seem to mind their Christmas coming a day late. 

Tanisha Hutcherson was there Saturday night but says she had to leave.

"It was crazy. It was real crazy. People standing in line for a long time," she says. She came back to try again -- with both of her young boys walking out with bikes. 

Cromer says he's reaching out to each family who signed up to make sure they get their children's presents before the New Year.

"By him doing this, I think it's a real blessing," Hutcherson says.