Tracking down the suspects charged in DPS fraud scheme

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FOX 2 took a drive through the metro Detroit area looking for more than a dozen former and current Detroit principals accused of stealing millions from Detroit Public Schools in a kickback scheme.

At every door knock or door bell, no answer. But at one house, the dogs said hello.

FOX 2 also found cars in the driveways at several houses.

Most of the listed addresses for the people accused are in the suburbs living quite nicely from what it appears. FOX 2 found maybe three or four addresses actually in Detroit.

FOX 2: "Hi, looking for Tanya Bowman."

At this location a gentleman answered and said Tanya Bowman no longer lives there saying the house went into foreclosure.

FOX 2: "When is the last time she lived here?"

"Probably about three years,"

This man says he doesn't know Bowman well, and has spoken with her in a few years.

Now to the man accused of organizing the whole scheme and approaching the principals, Norman Shy.

He has a nice house in Franklin, the windows were covered with that appears to be school paper.
He also has, or had a business.

Now the hunt for Shy's business -  Allstate Sales led us to an address right off Fourteen Mile and Rock Ridge in Farmington Hills. It was registered from 1989 until the beginning of this year, but as you can see, it's nothing more than just another big house.

And the number for Mr. Shy's former business? Disconnected.

FOX 2 called the attorneys of all of the defendants, and spoke with one, Jeff Cojacar. He is representing James Hern at Marcus Garvey Academy.

Hern's attorney said he has not seen the evidence just yet, and it may be a few weeks before he does.

FOX 2: "What's been his reaction to the allegations?

"He's taking them very seriously," Cojacar said.

All of the accused at this time are nowhere to found since the FBI announced the investigation.
arraignment dates have not been set.