Transplant survivor gets free flood damage help from restoration company

FOX 2 showed viewers Sonya Cook's story last Friday. Her home was flooded and the single mom and her now 18-year-old daughter Naia who has special needs, couldn't stay there.

"My immune system is compromised due to a transplant," Cook said.

Sonya had a double transplant in fact - both of her kidneys were donated from the family of a young child who was dying.

Almost 20 years ago Sonya was hit with kidney disease just as she found out she was pregnant with (Naya).  Somehow she pulled through. Sonya gave birth prematurely but her kidneys would eventually completely fail.

After her story aired on FOX 2, the community has shared it on social media, and less than a week later, she's getting the help she needs.

"I have been crying literally for the last two days - I can't stop crying because there are tears of joy," she said.

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When the owner of Father & Son Restoration found out about Sonya's plight - he jumped into action.  He and his team were able to get the furnace repaired and running, and start stabilizing the environment.

"We brought in dehumidifiers, Hepa filter air scrubbers to prevent any further damage," said Bryon Rocz, Father & Son Restoration. "We also have asbestos concerns. We're going to be cleaning from top to bottom.

"I can make phone calls and my contractors will drop everything they're doing to donate their time and services. I cannot thank them enough."

"He only has a team of 12 and I'm so thankful," Cook said.