Travel expert advises to plan your 2022 trips early with demand on the rise

Despite the Covid climate, that hasn't slowed down the demand for traveling. This is fueling speculation that 2022 will be one of the biggest years for traveling than we have seen in years.

FOX 2 spoke to travel expert Jeanenne Tornatore who says to plan early.

"Overall the travel industry is very optimistic for people to be planning for spring break and summer plans - and even beyond," she said. "This is a year you are really going to have to look at booking early. There is a lot of demand for cruises to lodging, and luxury hotels."

The 2021 holiday season was a disaster with canceled flights and long lines at airports because if staffing issues. And on Friday over 2200 canceled flights.

The question is how should travelers plan ahead?

"It isn't going away anytime soon there is a labor shortage," Tornatore said. "Everything from baggage handlers to pilots. So that is going to take time for airlines to really ramp that backup. It is something (travelers have to keep in mind) especially during high-demand travel periods like spring break and over holiday weekend."

The cruise industry is poised for a big bounce-back.  

"They are actually planning for a lot of travelers in 2022, so for people thinking cruises now is the time you really want to look to get the deals," she said. "Right now is when the cruise industry puts out all of their best promotions. And you are looking at lines like Carnival with all 22 ships back in service by March of this year."