'Trivia Crack' game has become an obsession for Red Wings

There is a new obsession that has taken up much of the Red Wings players' free time - Trivia Crack.

The phone app has kept players nearly as competitive off the ice as they are, on it.

"It's good to keep your mind sharp," said Brendan Smith. "I think for all the boys, it's just a competition for everybody."

Trivia Crack is a mobile app that lets players compete in a Trivia Pursuit-style game with others around the world -  or in the same locker room.

Most of the players are so locked in on beating each other at Trivia Crack, they are keeping score.

Trash-talking and bragging rights come with the territory, not to mention the rivalry of Dan Cleary and Tomas Tatar even includes cheating allegations.

Watch the video for Jennifer Hammonds' full report for all the details.