Troy landscaper's trailer with $15K in tools stolen in broad daylight

How does someone get away with a 14-foot-long trailer without anyone seeing a thing?

Daryl Savage, owner of Jar 1 Landscaping, says his trailer carrying $15,000 worth of equipment -- his entire business -- was stolen right out of his driveway in broad daylight.

"I started with nothing and I built it up so its' very huge to me," he said.

None of his neighbors off Ellensboro Street in Troy have surveillance cameras, so there isn't anything to go on. Now he has had to piece together some basic equipment so he can get back to work because insurance isn't covering anything.

"My dad was able to take out a loan and pay for a yearly rental on the lawnmower," he said.

Daryl says Troy Police told him there isn't much they could do, only wait to see if anything shows up at pawn shops. He doesn't expect to get his stuff back, but says it would be a blessing if he did. 

"I have two kids and with the long winter already it hasn't been easy," he said.

Anyone who may have seen this trailer is asked to call Troy Police at (248) 524-3443.