Troy police identify man accused of killing neighbor

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Police in Troy have arrested a neighbor for the murder of a woman who was found dead in her own apartment. Police say the man is in custody and accused of stabbing his neighbor to death.

You would normally think that you'd  be safe in your own apartment. But Troy Police have a man in custody they say stabbed his neighbor in the same apartment complex.

"He is a troy resident. he lives in the same apartment building as the victim. He was not arrested in Troy but he was arrested by Troy officers in the Troy area," Sgt. Mehgan Lehman said.

Police tell us the stabbing happened on Monday around 5:15 p.m. The victim is 37 years old with two children, who were not in the apartment at the time of the murder. Her husband was away in Korea on business. 

Police say the suspect is Charles Anthony Stephens, 53, who does have a criminal record and police knew he was in the building.

"We know he has some history of larcenies. We had some contact and knowledge of him for that reason. We believe the motive may have been home invasion," Lehman said.

Now, Stephens is looking at life in prison after being charged with homicide and felony murder.

Neighbors like Heyla Gorgess is stunned that it happened but relieved they have someone in custody.

"Anybody could just walk in and steal, kill, murder. I'm happy they found this guy," Gorgess said.

Lehman wants everyone to know that despite this murder, the apartments are safe

"Somerset apartments is a very safe place to live. We have very few incidents there. We do have our larcenies - something of the more minor nature - this is very unusual," she said.

The name of the victim is not being released, although we are told her husband is back from Korea. Troy Police are still investigating.