Troy Police investigating overnight drive-by shooting

"Very quiet, very peaceful, a lot of kids," one neighbor said. 

What happened on Scottsdale Drive early Sunday morning has everyone talking. 

"It sounded like gun shots, but I thought probably fireworks," said neighbor Larry Bukowski. "Then I ran to the front door, saw the vehicle driving really fast, got suspicious and knew that it could be something worse."

It was definitely something worse. Troy Police say it was a drive by shooting and a house on the block was the intended target. 

"It was scary, not something you see all the time here," Bukowski said. 

Investigators found at least nine bullet holes surrounding the house. FOX 2 has learned that many of the bullet holes are in the garage door. 

"I don't know any motives or anything like that," Bukowski said, "I just know it's the first time it's happened since we've been here."

Detectives were back in the neighborhood Sunday afternoon, to talk to neighbors. 

"I know some neighbors have some security footage, so hopefully they can find out who did this," Bukowski said.