Troy police look for man who exposed himself to 2 little girls

Police in Troy are looking for a man who allegedly exposed himself to two little girls Sunday afternoon.

It happened Sunday on Long Lake Road near John R. It has left parents in the area very concerned - but it is also sparking an important conversation about what to do if this happens to you or your loved ones.

Parents like Kelly Block woke up to a disturbing e-mail from the Troy school district alerting families about a case of indecent exposure.

"I think it is disgusting and sad things like that happen," she said.

Two 10-year-old girls were walking on the sidewalk toward 7-Eleven on Long Lake Road near John R- near Larson Middle School when a man driving a white four door sedan with tinted windows called out to the girls, pulled over and flashed himself.

The man is described as black or Indian - approximately in his 30s.

Paula Vanorsby works at that 7-Eleven and found out about it Monday morning because her grandchild attends the nearby middle school.  She said she has been keeping a watchful eye.

"I haven't seen anybody in the store that looks like that or any kind of suspicious anything or around the store," she said. "You know you have to keep an eye open for everything."

According to the district the girls did the right thing, they ran home and told their parents who called police. Police have placed extra patrols in the area until the suspect is caught.

In the meantime parents are using the opportunity to teach their kids about stranger danger.

If someone you don't know approaches you on foot or in a car - don't talk to them - don't get in the vehicle - run away and tell an adult.

"I think the school took the right action and alerted everybody," Block said. "They sent some things to follow for parents to talk to kids and I went over these things with my middle schooler today."

The description was vague, but something on the car said "black in the back."