Troy police officers disciplined for taking food from fire department

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Where do cops go when they get the munchies sounds like the start of a bad joke - but it's no joke at Troy Police. 

"It's funny that this happened I guess but we don't want to completely minimize it," said Lt. Josh Jones, Troy police.

Officers were slapped with write-ups for taking snacks from the Troy firefighters locked food pantry. 

"We got 20 officers that fully readily admitted that they had," said Jones.

Lt. Josh Jones says they were seen on camera using credit cards to pick the lock at Station 4's stocked pantry.

"If you have to make entry using a tool to defeat a latch, that's a clue that you're not supposed to go into that room," Jones said.

Jones says it's a volunteer fire department, so police officers have always been encouraged to use the fire stations for food and bathroom breaks.

"Historically our officers have been invited to have food, snacks, water pop, paper plates," said Jones. "All that stuff has been available for our officers to use."

But a policy change at Station 4 recently as the snacks were locked up, but the supply kept dwindling - that's when Troy police launched an internal investigation. 

"This is about our officers should have not entered a locked area of a fire department they were not supposed to have access to," Jones said.

Lt. Jones says the PD started to get questioned about their investigation - so they went public.

"We felt like it was important to make sure that this is everything that happened, there is nothing being hidden here," Jones said. "We are being transparent."

Safe to say - these officers will be getting their snacks elsewhere from now on. 

"We recognize that obviously our officers made a mistake, they used poor judgement," he said.

While the investigation was happening - police were not allowed from the fire station. But now that the case is closed, the fire chief will reinstate their access.