Trucking businessman hauls into Hall of Shame

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Note: This report contains explicit language.

Breaker breaker.  Meet Big Rig Bob. His handle? Troublemaker.

Bob's been driving a straight course towards the Hall of Shame for a long time.

Plenty of long-haul truckers just wanted a good deal from Bob's business.

Big Rig Bob's been hauling his own load. A load of criminal convictions.

Wolchek: "Bob I know you've got a criminal record."

"I haven't done anything illegal," he said.

Willie is a truck driver from Alabama who sent Bob $750 to hold the truck.

Willie arranged to lease a truck from Bob's company's North South Leasing in Clinton Township.

The website has a whole bunch of nice rigs for sale and lease. 

Willie says he sent in all kinds of loan paperwork, his license, his social security number, date of birth - and a lot of money to get on the road.

"About $2,200, $2,300 dollars," he said.  "I got him a cashier's check out of my personal account and I sent it.  I sent that to him."

After months of jumping through hoops Willie still didn't have a truck.  Bob said he needed more.

"'You need to send another thousand dollars and then he wanted deeds to my house," Willie said. 

And then, Willie says all communication stopped.

"They wouldn't answer the phone, wouldn't answer the phone," he said. "Wouldn't answer the phone at all."

But the Clinton Township police did.  Willie reported Bob and his truck leasing company.  And Bob responded by calling Willie a bunch of names.

Andrew tried getting a truck from Bob as well and has been waiting since the winter.

"Once I had sent him the deposit for the truck which was $750, he blocks your phone number," Andrew said.

But unlike Willie who's from Alabama, Andrew is from mid-Michigan. So he and his driver went to Bob's office.

"The truck he was trying to sell is really horrific," he said.

Bob showed them a truck, but they told him it was no good.

"And then he basically said your deposit was non-refundable and you're not getting a truck and you can get the f out of the office," Andrew said. "He proceeded to pull me out of the chair that i was sitting in."

"He had thrown us out of the office and actually thrown a chair at my driver."
Andrew filed a police report and contacted the Hall of Shame.

When Wolchek started looking up Bob I found a truckload of trouble.
It seems Robert Anderson used to be an insurance agent - or rather he pretended to be. 

In the 1990's Bob was busted for selling nationwide insurance policies to a bunch of people.  He plead guilty to four counts of fraud.  

In the 2000's Bob pretended to be a different Robert Anderson. He got an American Express card belonging to another guy named Bob Anderson and used it to buy a bunch of things.  

Another guilty plea.  

He's also been convicted of embezzlement, assault, using a computer to commit a crime and he got a $209,000 civil judgment against him. 

So bad, he doesn't even seem surprised to see Wolchek.

Wolchek: "Let's talk about this Willie guy,  he says you gave you $3,000."

Bob: "He did not, $750 dollars."

Wolchek: "No, he said he gave you $3,000."

Bob: "Sir, he did not."

While Bob is trying to explain his business to him, he glanced at Wolchek's notes and sees the name of yet another of his enemies.

"We lease semi trucks to people without perfect credit," Bob said. "These people went online, what's Ovie for?"

Wolchek: "It says Ovie on your door,  I talked to Ovie too."

Bob: "He has a problem with me.  He owes me $4,000."

That's sure not the way Ovie tells it.

Ovie runs a trucking business called Ovie Logistics, a transport company.  Ovie used to run his business from Bob's current location.  

He moved out and Bob moved in.  But some of Ovie's customers were still sending checks to Ovie's old address. Checks Ovie says Bob Anderson was cashing.

Wolchek: "So he told you that he had been running a company called Ovie trucking as well?"

Bob: "That's correct."

Wolchek: "And he was cashing your checks?"

 "That's right."

Wolchek: "And it was just a coincidence that he moved into the same building you were in?"


Now, Ovie had never even met Bob. Yet once the checks started coming from Ovie's customers, 

Bob even painted Ovie's name on his door.  Here's Bob's bizarre explanation.

"He's Ovie and I'm Ovie," Bob said. "I don't even broker loans anymore that was through my ex-wife."

Wolchek: "Why are you Ovie?"

"I'm not anymore," Bob said. "I can take it off the door right now."

Wolchek: "It still doesn't explain why you're Ovie."

"I was brokering loans," Bob said.

Wolchek: "You knew Ovie used to have this place."

Bob: "I did not."

Wolchek: "Oh, that was just a coincidence?"

This was a little hard to believe. His name is Ovie. Your name is Bob yet he's calling himself Ovie all of a sudden.

Plus, Ovie says Bob eventually paid him for the checks after Ovie threatened legal action.  

Bob wants to prove to Wolchek he owns a lot of trucks.  He shows me a bunch of trucks.  Nice trucks.  He whips out a ton of titles and claims he bought them with investors money.  next, he whips out Willie's paperwork. 

Remember, Bob says Willie only gave him $750, that's why he didn't get a truck.

But as Wolchek was going through the file he found this.

Wolchek: "You've got a check for $2,221."

Bob: "That's not $3,000 but why did he give me that amount?"

Bob's busted.  

This check plus the $750 dollar check Willie said he sent to hold the truck, pretty much adds up to $3,000 just like Willie said. Bob says he made a mistake.

Wolchek: "You're kind of a snake."

Bob: "OK.  You can say that."

Wolchek: "your history is."

Bob: "Fair enough."

Wolchek: "Have you changed?  You're a changed man now?"

Bob: "Damn, I'm trying Rob, but I did not hurt those people."

Wolchek: "Well you hurt this Willie dude."

Bob: "OK. Fine. I'm going to make it right today."

Bob kind of makes it right.  He gives me a check for $1,471 dollars about half of what Willie says he paid. Bob's still sticking to that he never got the first $750 check from Willie.

As for Ryan and Andrew,  Bob says he's keeping their $750 as well. He claims they didn't qualify for a truck and says he never threw a chair.

"You can make me out to be an a-hole and put me on TV," Bob said. "You decide."

OK Bob. Wolchek decided.  You're in the Hhhhall of Shame!