Trump Mobile vandalized in Walled Lake

The owner of a special Donald Trump van is asking for help repairing the vehicle for Election Day after it was vandalized.

"It's a personal attack on my freedom of speech and my rights," Rob Cortis said.

More than a year ago, Cortis and his brother took the family RV, slapped a Trump sticker on it and hit the road in support of their candidate.

From there it's grown into the Trump Mobile -- a large show of support and a target for the ugly side of this political race.

"A couple people threw some eggs and tomatoes at it and I thought that would be the extent of it," Cortis said.

The attacks went next level after the most recent debate. The most obvious being the broken windshield while it was parked outside Trump headquarters in Walled Lake.

"The doors were pried on. The engine hood was broken open and it won't start now," Cortis said.

The damage is expensive so they started a GoFundMe account. We checked it out and there is a Democrat who pledged $25, saying no matter what you believe, crimes like this shouldn't happen.

Cortis filed a police report and took precautions.

"We've got 24-hour surveillance and deer cams set up now," he said.

He says in addition to the vandalism he and his neighbors are having their yard signs stolen, which police say is also a crime.
Local businesses have pledged to help him restore the Trump mobile to its once mobile form just in time for the race for the White House to cross the finish line.