Trump's arraignment: Political ploy, distraction, or something else? Michigan lawmakers weigh in

Like many people across the country, lawmakers from Michigan were paying close attention to the Tuesday arraignment of former President Donald Trump.

Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts after a grand jury’s indictment over hush money paid during his 2016 presidential campaign. After his arraignment, he went to his Mar-a-Lago, where he said he did not commit a crime.

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Now, lawmakers are discussing how voters should interpret what is happening and what it means for the future.

Democrats Debbie Dingell and Jeff Irwin, along with Republican Jim Runestad, weighed in.

Dingell and Irwin said there are more pressing issues at hand, while Runestad called it a political ploy.

Hear what the lawmakers have to say in the video below: