Twelve cheetah cubs were born at the Smithsonian Institute, we can't handle the cuteness

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Photo: Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Spring brought a cheetah cub boom to the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia. A couple of female cheetahs gave birth to a total of twelve cubs, and they're cute beyond words.

Three-year-old Happy had five healthy cubs on March 23, and just five days later, 7-year-old Miti gave birth to seven cubs on March 28. Sadly, two of the cubs died, leaving behind a total of 10 cubs. The Smithsonian said it is very common for death to occur in large litters because the average litter size is three. 

Each litter includes two male and three female cubs. Both moms and all 10 fluff balls are doing well. 

The National Zoo tweeted a video of the babies. We're warning you, it's dangerously cute!