Twin bothers from Germany collected trash from Detroit rivers. They're displaying it as art

Armed with tools with claws on them and a canoe, two German artists scavenged Detroit's water ways for trash.

Their treasure would be put on display during the Wyandotte Art Fair. That's right, it's a "one man's trash is another man's treasure" story, and it's being told right in the Greater Detroit area.

Twin brothers Ralph and Andreas Hilbert from a tiny town in Germany are making an appearance as Anra - an artistic duo using a different definition of artistry to define their craft.

"This is part of the stuff that we find in the river," said Andreas.

It's a treasure trove alright. Bottles, bowling balls, old rubber ducks, anything scavenged from the city's waterways are put on display. And the art comes with a message.

"Love and peace and freedom," said Ralph.

And environmental cleanliness. 

An abandoned balloon stuck on the banks? Put it in the display. How about a pink piece of garbage floating in the Rouge River? Throw it in the display.

"They're art warriors if you will," said Jeremy Hansen. "I think their weapon is their artwork and the outcome I think is a more loving, peaceful feeling."

Hansen co-owns the River's Edge Gallery, which will take part in the Wyandotte Art Fair in 2019. Now in it's 58th year, the show will feature 200 fine artists. 

"We dreamed for a lot of years of America, and the people here are so cool and easy," said Andreas. "Yeah we love it."