Twitter attacks fan for keeping Pujols 2000th RBI ball

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A man is facing some serious twitter backlash after picking up a history making ball at a Tigers game against the Anaheim Angels. 

“It's an interesting feeling knowing you're hated by probably millions of people. But I got a lot of support too, so that's cool,” Ely Hydes said.

Probably more of the former than the latter, but hey who’s counting?

Meet Ely Hydes, the Bane of Detroit Baseball for at least the next few days. His unpardonable sin?

“I just looked up, I didn’t see who hit it, I didn’t’ see who was at bat, I just sat down,” he said.

Keeping Albert Pujols two thousand RBI ball from Thursday’s game with the Anaheim Angels.

“Instinct, didn’t’ even see it like woah. Caught it, will I didn’t catch it, it bounced. And then everyone just started gathering, security and I’m like what did I just do,” he said.

It didn’t take long to find out. Security asked Ely to give the ball back. They offered him Tigers and Angels merch, even a meet and greet with Albert Pujols in exchange for it. 

But Hydes said, no deal, he caught it he’d keep it.

“I had even thought about it, but they were coming up front telling me they’d refuse to authenticate this ball. They refused as like a bargaining chip, like if you walk out you get nothing. But if I walk out, I get my principals,” he said.

Word got out and the outrage on social media soon followed. 

“Hey meth head, give Pujols the ball. It means way more to him than your five minutes of high. Boo.” 

“Do I look like a meth head?” Hydes said.

Call it mean tweets, the Tigers fan edition.

But Ely says he won’t.

“Upon further reflection, it'd be cool to keep it just to have it , but you know it's the experience. I'm glad I got to do it and even If I just had a picture to frame, that's the story, it's not the ball. It should go to its rightful place,” he said.

Ely says he has no plans to sell the ball. He wants to get it to Cooperstown or to Pujols who could give it to a charity.