Twitter threats to execute Muslims at Dearborn mosque investigated

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In the wake of the Orlando shootings, a social media threat was made to a Dearborn mosque.

"People are really scared for their kids and their families," said Osama Siblani, publisher of the Arab American News.

Siblani was alerted to the tweets on Sunday after the massacre in Orlando - listing an address for the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn - saying, "We must execute the Muslim scum. Full on eradication."

"At the same time that we're mourning like the rest of Americans we're very concerned about our own safety and our people's safety," Siblani said. "Frankly we are very concerned - I think the situation is getting pretty bad."

Siblani immediately contacted the Dearborn police chief, the FBI, the US Attorney and the Wayne County Prosecutor. Law enforcement is taking this seriously.

"Emotions run high and unfortunately people lash out at the wrong people at times," said Dearborn Chief Ronald Haddad. "And our community has not been spared. We've been targeted and we'll continue to be vigilant. We are going to hang together as a community and keep everyone safe."

Haddad says there's been no specific threat found and they are in the process of tracking down the person who posted the threatening tweets.

"These tweets hold a certain thread because they can provoke others to act on them and therein lies our concern," Haddad said. "We are going to do our best to identify them, call them in, investigate them and hold them accountable."

Siblani is grateful for the response from law enforcement but concerned about the potential backlash against his community in the wake of this attack.

"For us always to be asked 'Explain why is this happening' I don't know why it's happening - ask the FBI." Siblani said. "Maybe they have an answer, I don't have an answer - I don't know why this man took guns and went and killed people. Does Islam say go and kill gays and lesbians  - of course not."

Siblani says in the current political culture with so much anti-Muslim rhetoric - that may not matter - and that's a matter of grave concern.

"When you are really feeding and nurturing the beast of hatred you are not going to be able to control it," Siblani said. "When it's unleashed."