Two arrested, 1 on the run after Warren police chase

A police chase in Warren ends with two suspects under arrest and a third on the loose after a crash and a chase on foot.

Around 4 a.m. Monday morning, police officers in Warren say they saw two vehicles, a silver Tahoe and a black SUV, that caught their attention. They followed the vehicles down a residential side street and that's when the vehicles took off.

Officers called for backup and that's when a chase ensued. Police say the silver car collided with the black SUV and then hit a building. But the silver vehicle kept fleeing officers until the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The vehicle hit a tree at the fenc eline and three people got out and start running. One of those suspects is Demarcus Howell, who police say was trying to climb a fence. They say he threw a gun down on the ground and that's when officers were able to grab him and take him into custody.

During the chase, Howell says he hit his head on the front head-rest. The other person who tried to get away has been identified as Javon Ross, who was in the front passenger seat and hit his head on the front windshield.

Police say they were able to capture him after he ran away, fell down and officers were able to catch up with him. Officials say a third suspect, the driver of a silver Tahoe, got away and so did the black SUV.

According to police, the arrest of these two suspects help to connect the dots to a number of different cases, even one that dates back to 2011.

On Tuesday, the suspects were arraigned in court. Howell is facing a number of charges, including 1 count of receiving and concealing a stolen firearm. Ross is also facing a number of charges, including one count of receiving and concealing a stolen motor vehicle.

Both are being held on a 25,000 dollar cash surety bond. Before this incident police say neither suspect had a record.