Two dead in murder-suicide had just finalized divorce: police

It was certainly a startling scene to come home to.

A neighbor who lives in the Evergreen Meadows Condo Complex near I-696 and Evergreen first realized something was terribly wrong when she came across a man on the ground surrounded by broken glass just before midnight. She immediately called 911 and, for obvious reasons, hasn't slept much since.

Police say a man and a woman were shot dead in a domestic situation that appears to be a murder-suicide. 

Police confirm that the man was 53-year-old Avery Brye of Detroit. Dana Brye, 46, who was also discovered dead from multiple gunshot wounds, was found in a nearby SUV. She lived in the complex.

We're told told the couple's divorce had recently been finalized.

She was a parole officer and wasn't armed at the time. He was a registered CPL holder when, police say, he basically ambushed her. 
"She was approaching the front door of her condo unit when she was approached by the male. It looks like she ran back to the car, because there was some items that were strewen about in front of her condominium, and had gotten back into her car and was shot multiple times by the male. At that point, he then turned the gun on himself," says Southfield Police Chief Eric Hawkins. 

Investigators towed three vehicles away from the scene. The one Dana was found in had shattered windows from the gunfire, a sign of the horrible event that unfolded. 
"Many times perpetrators of these types of crimes don't know or don't want to admit that it impacts others. It's not just the parties involved; it's the mothers, daughters, siblings, friends and family that are impacted by this, and you really see it in situations like this," Hawkins says. 

Police say they don't have any documented cases of any other domestic or violent issues between the two. Family members told police, though, that he has made threats to her before but she didn't report it. 

They had been married for about two years.