Two Detroit firefighters injured in house fire on city's west side

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Two Detroit firefighters have been injured while fighting a large fire at a home on the city's west side Tuesday afternoon.

Nearly a dozen trucks arrived to put out the quickly spreading flames inside the home on the corner of 14th and Hazelwood. It started just after noon. Nigel Robinson said he and some of the family members were working on a car inside the garage when it backfired and caught fire.

He grabbed a garden hose and phone and called 911. But the fire spread too quickly and he was quickly overpowered.

Fire crews were on scene for just a few moments and started to get the water on the fire. That's when an explosion ripped through the home.

"When they stretched their line and got into and knocked the fire down, what we believe to be propane tanks exploded, injuring the firefighters," Mike Nevin with the Detroit Fire Fighter Association said

Witnesses said they heard a loud boom as one firefighter was knocked to the ground. Crews say both firefighters were taken to the hospital and suffered first degree burns. while one of the firefighters' leg may be broken.

"You can't treat any response as routine, any time at a fire. you never know what's going to happen." Nevin said.

Witness said it seemed to take 10 to 15 minutes for fire crews to arrive from a block away. However, sources say it was less than two minutes after 911 dispatched them.

"They sent engine and truck right away in the beginning for a garage fire. when it exploded that's when they called for more help." Detroit Fire Chief Larry Gassel said.

The family says they had 12 people and two dogs living inside but every person and canine made it out safely.

"I able to get one to the front of the house real quick and then the second one was under a driving lawnmower, trying to hide from the fire." Robinson said.

While his family's home and all of their belongings burned, Robinson is thankful his family and the firefighters will be okay.

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